Return of the Black Tower

Return of the Black Tower

(after John Smith)

Video installation commissioned for solo show at PEER, London, 2007

You can currently watch the whole of this video on my vimeo 

This work is distributed by VDB

Excerpt from Time Out review

“Barmy, baffling and weirdly funny, Thomas’ rejig takes Smith’s honed inquiry into film’s structural conditions and reverses its terms: instead of a lone protagonist, a group; instead of his lonely death because of the tower, a Helena & lucia-stringcelebratory union with the ‘thing’. Thomas’s non-sequitur digression into collective conviction is an elliptical, satirical examination of contemporary belief, as much as it is about the problem of art as an incommensurate, incommunicable experience. If Smith’s film sought to reveal the truth of its technology, Thomas suggests that video can only witness truth’s evanescence in an increasingly uncertain age. “

JJ Charlesworth review Time Out 2007


John: John Wagland, Jennifer: Jennifer Thorne