I AM YOUR ERROR MESSAGE manifests as both a live multi-media performance and a gallery video installation show.

Error message at Reactor Halls

First conceived in 2013, It has shown at Gallery 400, Chicago

 MAGIC EYE, at GRAND UNION, Birmingham

Error Message still 3

with: Goodiepal, Luke McCreadie, Plastique Fantastique, Alexander Stevenson

“I AM YOUR ERROR MESSAGE. By turns absurd, amusing and unsettling, the video suggests malfunction and misinformation in Thomas’s anarchistic and bleakly humorous style. For the festival Thomas will enter into a dialogue with her video work.”

3.Error message at REactor Halls 2(smaller)It toured to SUPERNORMAL FESTIVAL 2015

supernormal me.JPG

 and as part of The Dark Horse Moving Picture Show at


DHMPS Final Logo#1and at


a review of this show in THE DOUBLE NEGATIVE  HERE

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