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4 Ways he tried to tell you

1999, 7 mins

Digital video, digital video animation and Super 8 Film with model animation and human pixilation. Voice: Philip Thomas, the Man: Theo Cowley

“This is a video about the thing that won’t go away, it has been trying to contact me by altering bits of my reality for several years now and this 7 minutes is a clear demonstration of that. My 8 year old nephew got drawn into the whole thing and that’s why his voice is on this tape. I‘m not sure if it’s dead now, we’ll just  have to see.”

The Mr. Cole Trilogy 1997, 98

When walking in the park I find patches of the earth that make loud noises when I step on them- underneath the grass are mathematically encoded messages, of a desperate nature -this is how. Mr. Cole begins his relationship with me. This three part, one woman, 20-30 minute performance / projected digital video piece is about the fantasy/fear that Cause and Effect may not function as we think, with messages from beyond the grave and inside matter. It combines the conventions of several genres; the ‘true life video re-construction’ and the ‘storyteller/lecturer’, who gradually confounds and decays the rules of distance in her relationship to the subject matter, sucking the audience into the inevitable dynamic of a narrative but then changing the rules of engagement and offering up a different kind of closure.

Victims of F.A.T.E.

1998 12 minutes

A Video Artist Residency at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, July to August 1998 as part of the Tower Hamlets Summer University  producing ‘Victims of F.A.T.E.’ – a  multi media   computer animation video project with about time travel, made collaboratively with  groups of local people.

Important Toy

1997, 8: 20 mins.

Digital video. Digital Video effects, live actionand model/object  animation. Girl: Lydia Burchill, Mother: Liz Burchill, sister: Daisy Burchill

Additional camerawork: Paul Tarragó

A young girl buys a weird toy from a charity shop – she forms such an intense relationship with it that it develops special ways of communicating,  and a strange connection to her that seems to defy the laws of physics. As the situation escalates, it seems that repression is the only way forward. First conceived of as a kind of Fairy tale that goes wrong, this is a piece about learning the ‘rules‘ of grown-up reality; and an extrapolation of the consequences of athopomorphism.

“How I got Stuck in their Brains”

1997, 9 min. Digital video animation \ multi media collage arising from the Whitechapel Art Gallery Video Artist’s Residency at Tower Hamlets Summer University. Using the nightmares and dreams  narrated to me by participating adolescents, animations of their plasticene “demons/bogeymen” were collaged together with their own physical mime acts into a bizarre fantasy.

Gorgeous Operation

8 minutes, 1996  Super and Single 8 Film

Originally (like most of my earlier film work) a performance piece , with the text read alongside the projected image. A complex “ story” about a man who thought there was something wrong with his eye…so he goes to the doctor, who can’t help him much, but he finds a sheep that can, with uplifting but tragic results.

4 STORIES;1994-5 A Film making Residency

Film maker in residence at Catford County Girls School, Lewisham, London,  LAB  Funding  award. The 7 minute Super 8 film was  screened at  the Bradford Museum  of Film and Television as part of the Co-Op  Young People’s Film and Video Festival.

A FOOT FILM:  A Film making Residency 1993

Film maker in  residence at Benthal Junior School, Stoke Newington, making a 12 minute animation and live action piece in collaboration with pupils- using their own whacky take on a ‘public health infotainment’ about foot hygiene.

“What are you doing with your fingers?”

1996, 6 mins. Digital video, Live action, digital video effects, human pixilation and model animation. Woman: Jennet Thomas, Additional Camera: Paul Tarragó

Featuring myself  as a woman who is lured in to the garden by the cries of foliage, given a dinner she doesn’t want by a mysterious organic being  and then turned into something else or maybe not. A piece about  self-consciousness and the fearful noise of wind in the trees. My first foray into digital editing and special hand crafted effects.

“O. Heck”

1995, 5 mins, Super 8 projection with live performance

My father runs towards me in slow motion repeatedly down a long beach, and I animate myself spinning around on my bottom in the back garden.  By the light of my torch there’s a puffy white thing thrashing around at night in the back garden, and the camera has a fag strapped onto it’s eye, which keeps trying to fertilise both flowers and a picture of a young girl. Poetic monologue declaimed with chorus.

“I’m So Sorry”

1995, 10 mins. Video projection with live performance and Super 8 – super imposition projection with  (very home made) Special effects. My father is rather depressed and bored, and finds small blue patches appearing on his body…


1994, 8 mins. Super 8 Film, cut out animation, model and object animation

Starring an inflatable wig holder that I got at a car boot sale in Bremmen, this film began as a demonstration of different film animation techniques but evolved into a bizarre improvised  narrative in which the head escapes from the violent clutches of a mixed-up model girl, is sent to Poland in a wicker basket, where it has a nice holiday.

The Real Hamster Film

1994, 5 mins

Super 8 Model Animation film projection with performance/narration text.

A film about real hamsters and non-real (Undead?) hamsters, another exploration of my  fantasy metaphysics, and what may happen to things you love when they die. “the eyes go first…”

“IT’s Flakey”

1993 4 mins

Live performance narration (shouted!) with super 8 and video projections collaged live on screen

“it’s fucked-up it’s flakey, it’s in your local area…”

Polyester nightie

4 mins, 1993

rhyming monologue with slides, a slippery and surreal feminist rant about nightware


4 mins, performance text with Super 8 loop 1993

Slide/live performance/narration- a kind of sci- fi fantasty poetic monologue about a infinitely wise fly that travels through time


(version 1)

4 mins, 1993

The original poetic monologue I wrote, from which the 10 minute video of 2000 was developed, this was a  Slide /live Text performance with Drum machine (and once with a trumpet too, I think)

New Dimensions in total Motivation

4 mins, 1992

3-d Super 8 animation

Using time lapse of sprouting beans thrashing around in the tiny animated set .. a bedroom with a distressed doll crawling around with a ping pong ball for a head… and a dialogue with inter titles from a motivational film for salesmen…