Two parts of this trilogy of video/installations are now completed – joyfully exploring ideas around abuses of Industrial farming and Artificial Intelligence.

Each part functions as a stand alone work as well as in the series.


(34 sec trailer for a 7.5 minute video)

In a place somewhere between virtual and actual, through the collision of meanings and anti-meanings, a visionary fever dream produces an enigmatic philosophical encounter between two post-anthropological agents. In an attempt to reconcile themselves with some unspecified trauma of mass biotechnoviolation, they quiz one another on the origins and ontologies of their species.

Animal Condensed > Animal Expanded #1 also comes in a version that combines live performance with electronically transposed voices, and video projection.

– “What are you?” asks the Authenticity Fetish

– “I am an effect, a casualty of Animal Expanded,” replies the Chicken.


(33 sec trailer for 14 minute video )

A charged skirmish between conformity and dissent is enacted as a quasi-documentary that quickly escalates into exceedingly strange domestic science-fiction. A man and woman speak urgently to camera about the relationship with an intelligent substance they call ‘Animal Expanded’. The man has swallowed Animal Condensed; as it expands it flows throughout his home, improving his family. He holds his five-year-old daughter up to camera: “Look how her fibres are formatting! She is her very own accelerated portfolio.”

Tintype_Jennet_Thomas_Installation_view_1_ACAE_hi-res copy

Installation view Tintype, London 2018

Our food, just like our politics, is synthetic. A supermarket chicken looks like an animal but doesn’t taste like one. Animal expanded. Everything in Jennet Thomas’s work is abstracted, condensed and expanded. Dissonance abounds, Bridget Riley crossed with Doctor Who, the high and the low, the optical and anecdotal – biological and technological. I’m reminded of the recent advert on the underground about how they can ‘delete’ blood cancer — your body as hardware, drugs as software — your body enhanced, expanded and abstracted.

– George Vasey

View of gallery window display, Tintype, London 2018

More info about Tintype show HERE

These works also showed as installation works at Peninsula Arts Plymouth as part of the Plymouth Contemporary showcase 2018


Below- a review of the show at Tintype in ART REVIEW by JJ Charlesworth