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I make films, performances and installations exploring the connections between my lived everyday, fantasy and ideology. My work can look like experimental film, children’s drama, or performance art – it’s a call for complexity that collides genres, experimenting with collective constructions of meaning.

Jennet Thomas‘s films conjure delirious parallel universes in everyday Britain’s most mundane corners. People shop in Sainsbury’s, watch daytime TV and eat packed lunches from Tupperware boxes. Yet in this Looking Glass world, what we take for granted is quickly turned inside out. Preachers, teachers and quasi-political pundits with bright yellow or purple skin harangue its denizens with songs and slide presentations; the beliefs and rules they champion are full of promise, but always obscure.” Skye Sherwin, Guardian 12 July 2012

Emerging from the anarchistic, experimental culture of London’s film/live art scene in the 1990’s, Jennet Thomas was co-founder of the Exploding Cinema Collective. She is interested in belief systems, ideas of truth, power and pleasure, and how cultural memories are re-made and distorted according to the needs of each era. ‘Who has the right to rule, and whose rule is right?’ is an underlying leitmotif in her work. Often darkly comic, her films tell warped folk-tale narratives that mix elements of the banal and the bizarre.

Jennet Thomas’s works have screened widely, including IFF Rotterdam, European Media Arts Festival, New York Underground Film Festival, and museums such as Tate Britain and MOMA New York.

Since 2007, her work has shown as large-scale sculptural installations that physically surround the film, sometimes with continuous live performance inside these installations. Recent solo shows include THE UNSPEAKABLE FREEDOM DEVICE at Grundy Gallery, 2015; SCHOOL OF CHANGE and All Suffering SOON TO END! at Matt’s Gallery 2012 and 2010.

Jennet Thomas is represented by Tintype Gallery, London

Many of her single screen films are distributed by Video Data Bank

She is currently Reader in Time Based Media and Performance at Wimbledon College of Arts, University of the Arts London, teaching on Fine Art: BA Print and Time Based Media  and other places ..

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